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Weather Policy
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Thursday, January 11, 2018
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Please read the LCS Safety Brochure to know when to expect information from LCS.

Related Files: Emergency_Brochure.docx


A new policy has been put in place for Limestone County Schools to announce any decisions on closing early or delaying schools opening. The announcement will go out by Karen Tucker on the call system at 5pm. This is to try to cut down on the number of phone calls to schools and to the central office. We want to train parents, students and teachers to know that any announcements concerning delays will be made at 5pm if needed. For example, with the forecast of winter weather tomorrow a decision will be made for tomorrow at 5pm today.


Jan 19th - It is not possible for us to assess all roads. If you live on an icy road and do not feel it is safe for travel, send a note with your child the next school day. Please indicate their absence was due to icy conditions and it will be excused.

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