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Welcome Mr. Russ Cleveland, Principal
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Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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Article from News Courier 8/4/18

Longtime Limestone County educator Russ Cleveland will replace Charlotte Craig as the principal at West Limestone High School. The former West Limestone assistant principal got the news Thursday.

Since then, Cleveland has been scrambling to get everything in place for the start of a new school year.

Talking on his cellular phone while moving boxes between his old office and new one, Cleveland said he doesn't plan to make any drastic changes this year. Instead, he is going to rely on what he describes as a successful blueprint that has driven the school toward success since it was implemented.

“On the academic side, our kids achieve at a high rate,” he said.

West Limestone was one of the first schools in the system to get into the A+ College Ready pipeline and now offers nine Advanced Placement courses and a dual enrollment history class. They also received the highest state report card rating in the county with a grade of 85 percent.

Cleveland, who served as an the assistant principal at West Limestone for one year and six years at the assistant principal at Tanner High School before that, said he believes student success starts with good teachers.

“As an administrator/educator, it is my job is to help our kids by giving them the best instruction possible. We have a great faculty, and I would put them up against any other,” he said. “You can have instruction, but you need relevant instruction. If we can stay on top of that and make sure our teachers are getting the training they need, we can better the environment for our kids so they can learn at a higher level.”

Over his years as an administrator, Cleveland has found having a good rapport with his students is crucial to reaching them.

“As the crow flies, I live about 6 miles from the school. Most of the families here know me and are not afraid to come to me if they need to,” he said. “The best administrators fit into the fabric of community and the school.”

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